Retirement Planning

You have specific financial needs for your retirement. Steve Doster can help you create your unique retirement plan.

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Investment Analysis

Commission-free analysis and advice. Develop an investment strategy and portfolio for your needs with unbiased recommendations.

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90-Minute Speed Planning

Do you need financial guidance, but not a full investment strategy? Get answers with 90-minute speed planning.

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Free Financial Workshops

Our objective is to educate people on the basics of personal finance and demystify the financial planning process.

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Investing Basics Workshop

There is so much information about investing. It’s in the news, thousands of books about the best way to invest, and friends and co-workers all talking about the stock market and investing. It sounds complicated. But it’s not! The basics of investing are simple and we boil it down to the important stuff in the Investing Basics workshop.

If you don’t know much about investing, don’t be concerned. Know that successful investing doesn’t require you to be a rocket scientist. On the contrary, some of the most successful investors use uncomplicated but effective strategies.

In this workshop, we’ll learn that you don’t need a lot of different investments. The KISS rule applies (Keep Investing Simple, Silly). We’ll cover basic rules for your wealth creation. Discuss the investments options which work for most people, how they differ in risk and benefits. You’ll get some tips on how to set up your investment program and talk about ways to successfully maintain your investments – it’s not just set it and forget it.

This presentation won’t make you an expert, but it will give you understandable knowledge and solid investing strategies you can apply.

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